Testimonial 5

My fiancé and I moved from one condo to another, across town, in the Fall of last year. We were both very busy with work and needed to find some professional movers to help us get out and in, in a timely manner. A friend of mine referred me to Concierge Movers. I had a very thorough consultation about my move and set the date! I did a little of the packing myself, but when Concierge Movers arrived promptly, they were more than prepared to carefully pack up the remainder and load the truck. There was a science to the way they load that made it super efficient, I was very impressed! At the new place they unloaded and put every piece of furniture in it's proper place. If they had to take it apart, they put it back together. They even unpack boxes if you want them to!!! The whole process was very timely and the movers were beyond professional and polite. I totally trusted them to take the utmost care with my belongings and furniture. Next time I move I am definitely calling Concierge Movers again!!!

Jole N.,